Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The End of An Era Sale's Not Over Yet! Lovely Works Up For Adoption

After a hugely successful sell-off and give away at my studio a week ago, with ample reassurances to people that I am not terminally ill, not leaving my studio space, and not leaving the field of fibers and textiles, I find that I still have some items left. 

 I am listing a few remaining items for sale that I don't want to see go back in the dark depths of my storage area. I would rather place them with people who will appreciate and enjoy them. My work is shifting in some new directions and I'm making space for the new with this letting go. It feels very freeing and I wholeheartedly recommend this if you're ready to shift your own work and directions.  

First, my Susan Moyer silk painting frame combo set. Used but in terrific condition. Directions, extra fabric stretching hook packs. $200 includes shipping in the U.S.

IMG 0008

Then, how about some art at prices so low that the only reason NOT to buy one is because you just plain don't like it?!? Each one of these pieces can be yours via credit card or Paypal. Prices include shipping in the continental U.S. All three are ready to hang and in excellent condition (they've been wrapped and stored!).

IMG 0014

This piece, called Interior Landscape 3, is 18" x 27" (approximately), has a hanger and lots of stitched details and texture on a stitched felt ground. I'm selling it to someone who will love and appreciate it for $200 or best offer. 

IMG 0013

Another personal favorite is "Forgotten Language", 18" x 27" (approximate), which is silk with machine and hand stitching. The one is $200 or best offer. 

IMG 0016"En Route" is the third piece I'd like to send a new and loving home. This traveled for several  years with the touring 2007 SDA Member show. You can enjoy the delicate hand stitching on its hand painted, textured surface for just $200 or best offer. 

Please share this post with your friends and help these works find new, loving homes!


  1. Hi Jeanne, Tried to email you but your box is full. I'm interested in Forgotten Language if it's still available.

  2. That is my favorite too. I can't afford it at the moment though. ;-)

  3. Hi ~ Just checking in... Is your Susan Moyer stretcher system still for sale? Thanks!