Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Pages Piece Under Way

Busy and productive day at my studio today as I started laying out all the little rectangles for the next "Pages" piece. The basic composition is the same for this second one, but I've added a separating line of grey silk dextrined fabric pieces around each of the black rectangular frames within the piece. Since I'm working with the Solvy for this first time -- for the last piece I had a roll of Floriani tacky water soluble that made holding all these small pieces in place much easier, but this product is more economical so I'm doing some R&D and hope it works as well.

I've silkscreened and dyed a lot of new fabrics to build a collection for the various ideas I have for a series, rehearsed a number of them and decided these work together well. When I cut the printed yardage into the 1.5" x 2" rectangles, the words become fragments. Some are readable, others -- particularly the large ones that fill the centers of the black rectangular outlines -- look more like calligraphic forms. I am pleased with the look of them and am considering adding some machine or hand stitching to create some more obvious horizontal lines of "text."

All the pieces are laying on water soluble fabric at the moment. I plan to finish the layout, adjust any wandering pieces and then tack everything in place with basting glue when I return on Thursday. Once that's done, I'll layer more water soluble fabric on top and secure the layers for stitching by pin basting, then bring it home to stitch.

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