Monday, December 31, 2007

Eight Small Works Ready for Frames

I've been doing a fine job keeping my studio in an uproar for the past few days, between working on the second Parables piece and trying to get these small works done and mounted on painted canvas frames to sell at the Memorial Art Gallery. The first set I did was in greyscale with accents of red. Scroll down and you'll get a quick tour of them. I stitched repeating lines of light grey thread to add texture without introducing another pattern.

I played with a little bit of hand stitching on the final one... the habotai silk really was a good choice for the ground. It has a nice glow to it.

I completed the stitching on another four pieces in an autumn pallette and had a great time creating the language-like lines. The small pieces are definitely a nice break from larger works. And since I want to do a whole wall of multiple greyscale pieces for my exhibit in May, I will continue to work on these and decide how many I want to hang together and how I want to group them. I'm thinking of starting with five rows of five 12" x 12" framed pieces. Moving on the next four:

These eight are ready to glue to the painted canvas stretcher bar frames that I have in my painting studio, so I'll head up there tomorrow. They can dry overnight and Tuesday morning I'll pick them all up and head over to the art gallery and deliver them to the gallery manager. Whew, lots of deadlines in January!

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  1. I'm loving seeing the progression of this series, Jeanne.

    I have just given you a Make My Day Award on my blog.