Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Final Laps

I'm well past the halfway mark on the "new and improved" Pages 3 -- the horizontally stitched segments have all been joined into the whole piece and now I can stitch all the vertical lines that will create the supporting threadwork grid -- my own version of engineering a suspension system!! As the above photo suggests, there is still a lot of stitching ahead to complete today but at this stage it seems to move along quickly.

Happily all the letterforms are cut out and waiting. Once the vertical lines of stitching are all on, I can compose them on the surface and attach them.

I'm envisioning completing this work easily and quickly. I love the way it's coming together and enjoy envisioning it hanging in its new home, where the high ceilings will provide the perfect space for it to be displayed.

So much is running through my mind as I work that relate to my directions as an artist, my desires and dreams for the future, changes I want to make in my workshop offerings, etc etc.

It's an excellent time to reflect on my artistic life, my goals and what is truly important to me. I know that as I carefully consider and select what I choose to unfold in my life, I am setting strong intentions that will attract these desired results to me. An ongoing process of choosing and manifesting lies ahead and it is exciting to build on the experiences of fulfillment I've had to choose what I most desire to see manifest in my life next.

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