Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What to Do on the Last Day of a Year?

There's a powerful energy of change that is accompanying the arrival of 2009. I firmly believe that the earth is in the midst of a transformational shift. Birthing entails a process of labor and delivery and we seem to be in the midst of the contractions and expansion that will usher new awareness and directions into being.

Yesterday I dialed in to a teleconference hosted by Christine Kane, a musician and creativity coach who provides excellent inspiration and practical advice for artists in all mediums. She outlined key points for how each of us can create new outcomes in the coming year.

The most important tool for manifesting desired outcomes is SETTING INTENTION.

This coming year I will focus on being more intentional in every way, combining it with ATTENTION to hold my focus on my vision for my life.

I've spent a number of years now breaking down large goals into small steps and acknowledging each one I accomplish. Bit by bit, I've been able to create and complete an amazing amount because of this practice.

So what am I choosing to do on this final day of 2009 that will pave the way for the year ahead?

1. Celebrate progress. Savoring accomplishments is as important as looking ahead. Take some time today and make a list of all the good work you've done this year for your career, your family, and/or for your community. Let yourself savor and appreciate what a worthwhile and productive person you are in every aspect of your life.

I set yearly and monthly goals and then choose action steps each week towards completing them. Doing this helps me stay focused. I print them and file them in a folder labelled, "Make It Happen." It's a tool that works to remind me at self-critical moments that I am working to the fullest of my ability.

2. Daydream and imagine. How wonderful it is to let the imagination soar and contemplate a life that will give us the greatest joy. What better time than the eve before a brand New Year to consider what truly gives us the greatest happiness?

3.Create a visual touchstone for dreams. Visual imagery is powerful. I am working on a Vision Board. I used to use these when I taught creativity classes years ago, but haven't made one of my own for 12 years! I am cutting images and words from magazines and collaging them onto a piece of foam core. Make one or make a number of them all through the year to keep your focus strong.

The images and words link to my desires for this coming year. Looking at it will bring my focus back to what I am seeking to manifest in my life.

4. Choose action. Intentions, vision, positive attitude are all important, but nothing beats focused action for manifesting dreams. There is great joy in working when each step leads us closer to our desires. Few gardeners say they LOVE cultivating and weeding, but they do it. They know it creates more space for seedlings to blossom into beautiful flowers or delicious vegetables.

5. Share abundantly. The smallest gestures have far reaching consequences in increasing harmony and peace in this world. A smile, a friendly e-mail, a phone call or note of appreciation cost nothing and fuel goodness and love on a grand scale.

On this final day of what has been a fulfilling year, I wish to share my deep appreciation for each person who has touched my life in some way. My good wishes go out to you for your happiness, peace, prosperity, health and fulfillment. May grace and goodwill abound in 2009!

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