Saturday, February 7, 2009

Worth a Thousand Words?

Here are images of new small works from the past few days in my studio. Barely enough time to post these before I head back again for another day of revisioning the relationships between colors, marks and layers for new Parables pieces. Printing, monoprinting, drawing and painting into surfaces are anything BUT a quiet, orderly approach to process but I am working to become more intentional about creating more subtle, quieter areas to play against areas of high contrast and activity.

Here are new small works from the week's experimentation that are ready to be stitched and matted or framed. The play of color and value in these are particularly pleasing to me.

Monday the moon will be full. I seem to respond to these lunar cycles and once again feel a huge burst of creative energy, ideas and need to write less, work more.

Hopefully these images convey some of my current experimentation. Soon I'll try and write about some of the new ideas that are emerging.

In the interim, I'll be mixing up dyes and paints today and moving from small pieces like these (about 17" x 17") to larger ones.

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