Saturday, March 14, 2009

Off to Teach in Texas

Today is my last day of packing and preparing before I fly the friendly skies tomorrow to San Antonio, Texas and a week of teaching at Quilting Adventures. I'm excited about teaching, sunshine and warmth -- in that order -- so hope that Texas will shower me with moderate temperatures, sunny blue skies and lots of spring flowers!

While I'm packing and prepping to leave, I'm also leaving a stack of projects in progress. I am excited about the newest Seeds piece with the addition of the red seed shapes.

First, though, have to share these images with you of the two small, stitched 9" x 12" paintings that just came back from the framer (and unfortunately too late to display at my open house last Friday). The one got a bit distorted by my low-end digital lens, but at least you can see how nice the frames look.

The soft silvery wood frames set them off so much better than black. The price for each one of these is $225 or $400 for the pair. They're prototypes -- the stitching on the edges shows, which is why the prices are lower. They look lovely -- next time they'll be even better, but more expensive as well.

I'm packed and ready to leave the house at 5:00 AM tomorrow for the airport. That means up at 4 but since it's Sunday the airport security check-in should be quiet and quick.

Still haven't decided whether to lug my computer and try to share the experience with you this week or travel light and live "unplugged" for nine days. Still debating.

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