Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finishing Up the Newest Seeds of Compassion Piece

I've completed all the stitching and added the pinpoints of color on this third Seeds piece. Right now they're basted down, will get fused and stitched down permanently when I'm absolutely sure this placement is final -- and I'm starting on the facings. After I stitched this piece I fell so in love with the organic edges that I couldn't bear to square them off or straighten them, so I cut them a bit more deliberately and feel good about this choice. It really seems to help it seem to move and almost vibrate!

I would love to not put any facings at all on the edges, just leave them raw, but I used a cream batting and that shows at the edges, which means that I'll save this idea for another piece. I thought about inking or painting those edges to hide the white, which I've done before, but decided that I'll finish the edges this time and save the experimentation for when I have more time before a deadline.

Tomorrow all three pieces will go to my studio to consider whether to add a few subtle screened letters to this piece like the other two have and whether any of the three need a single other detail changed before I take them to be professionally photographed. Viewing the three together really is educational for me. While I'll be setting this series aside for a while, I have numerous new ideas for it that I suspect will draw me back. However, new letterform pieces are up next.

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