Friday, November 20, 2009

Mid-Career Retrospective?!?

I’m doing an archeological dig in my fabric storage area, unearthing dyed, printed and painted pieces I haven’t really SEEN for years.



At first my goal was to fill garbage bags to bulging and donate them to Goodwill. I love the idea of one person’s discards becoming another person’s treasures and hoped that art students would find them and transform them.


But as I sifted through piles of dyed, painted or printed silks and cottons, ideas started popping in my head – the old marks, patterns and combinations began to inspire me.


It occurred to me they might inspire other textile artists, too. I decided to weigh and bag assortments of these pieces and sell them as “inspiration packs” for $15 each.


I’m viewing this as very own “mid-career retrospective” as I fill plastic zipper storage bags with one pound assortments of fabrics from my explorations of mark, color and pattern over the past 7-8 years.  Some are dyed solids, some are patterned and all of the packaging is totally random – the one unifying factor is that they all weigh one pound.

At the December 4th and 5th A-Maze-ing Hungerford Open Studios event (announcement about that soon!), I’ll be selling these for $15 each (includes tax), along with some wonderful cards and matted pieces that I’m making as well. You’ll see some of those soon.


  1. Well, I wish I could stop by and pick up a few pounds of your fabric!!

  2. Me too! But being in the UK as I am it's a bit far away for me to pop by. Good luck with the event in December.

  3. Gerrie and Julie, something tells me that you both probably could probably mount your own "mid-career retrospectives"! I am loving the process of sorting, revisiting and releasing the old -- what an invitation to the law of attraction to draw in the new!

  4. I read a Fung Shui book a few years ago specifically about clearing the clutter and the point you made about "an invitation to draw in the new" was the selling point that got me moving. Guess what? It works!....I have new clutter. ;)

  5. Love your humor, Terry -- what's the old joke about the optimistic child whose cynical father gives him a pile of manure for Christmas and the child runs gleefully to get a shovel and start digging because "with all this manure there MUST be a pony?!?!?" Somewhere in our clutter there MUST be good Fung Shui just waiting to be uncovered!