Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seeing Rightly

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye."

(The fox to the little prince)
--Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, 'The Little Prince.'

Cutting, marking and stitching continue as the second piece in the Pages triptych takes form. Using the water soluble fabric does require the use of imagination to fully visualize the results once washed away.


Dyeing varying values of new grays has also been also part of this week’s studio agenda, which you can see below next to the finished piece, as well as painting and cutting gold/ochre colored letters in varying sizes. The floor scene below is where I’m auditioning the addition of ochre/golds against grayscale values in numerous variations.

DSCN5204 Seeing with the heart truly comes into play when exploring ideas and variations because the process is far more about feeling for the right progression rather than intellectualizing.


The gold/ochre/burnt sienna variations are the fruits of a studio afternoon spent playing with numerous painting and printing options.

DSCN5222These are samples from practicing hand painting each letter individually: the pieces feel more three-dimensional and I will continue to practice direct painting them to get smoother value transitions.

It has been a full and interesting week, with a snowstorm AND a full moon.


Beautiful view from my front door on Saturday morning – what a paradise – but also, what an inducement to snuggle in and keep working.


Best of all, thank you to this rising full moon –  bella luna - on Sunday evening for firing up my creative burners and providing mega-energy to keep going.


  1. The quote is right on! I have been told more than once that when I have a really "good" piece it seems to have come from within...I'd say my "heart" saw rather than my eyes!

    I really like the gold/sienna letters - they look very rich - also like the "3d" black/grey - they look like they are actually moving - I think these dimensional letters will add a great deal to the over all feel of your pieces. It is as if the "words" are taking on a whole life of their own - very exciting to see this progression.

  2. Your creative energy is very powerful Jeanne. I love the colors, the shapes and the snow storm/full moon energy of this piece.

  3. Thank you Laura and Leslie. As these processes evolve, my trust in my artistic voice rises and falls like a tide. It seems that when our hearts lead, we feel that powerful inner energy; when our heads take over, we begin to flail. When the two harmonize and complement each other, now THAT'S a team.

  4. Oh, I agree Jeanne!
    And I've found my team works only when led from my heart/gut. My head likes to think (!) it knows what's going on, but really its role is to decode and translate into words the truths of my heart. Inevitably, as soon as I make the mistake of leading with my head I find myself zooming into every dead end and blind ally imaginable. And then of course, I have to avoid all the difficult, beating-myself-up-for-it, pot holes as I back out again!

  5. Oh yes THOSE potholes...I bumped over a few of those yesterday, Nikki. Happily today the heart has returned to the helm and we're all rolling along smoothly together once again. It really is a day by day navigation though, isn't it?!?

  6. Reading about your studio rhythm is very meaningful. It is so different from what I have been practicing for years. I'm speaking of the actual process of creating the various elements for your work. It seems to have a build in lapse which can be viewed as either allowing you to process what you have done or go crazy wanting to push forward. I am loving your elements and look forward to seeing them all together.

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  8. Terry, would love to know more about where your process differs from mine and where there are overlaps/connections. It seems that the more repetitive a stage I am at in one piece, like this stitching process, the more widely and wildly my my imagination soars. The idea generation is wonderful but you're right about the tension that builds to be peddling a stationary cycle while my mind is doing a Lance Armstrong Tour de France marathon!! I start with calmness and being present but that leads to even more flows of ideas. I must work until I'm 100 or start hiring assistants! Let's dialogue about this more. What is your process like?

  9. the moon and snow image is stunning and your work is very interesting along with your process

  10. Donna, thank you for your comment. I greatly enjoy your blog and am pleased that you find my thoughts and process of interest.