Friday, April 23, 2010

First at the Finish Line

I finally decided how to resolve and complete this work that will be part of my “Entwining Alphabets” exhibition in the Adirondacks this summer. The photograph below is by Tim Fuss at Pixelwave in Rochester. This is the first time I’ve worked with him; he did a fantastic job and captured the details with crystal clear resolution.


Letter Rhythms 2, 2010, 42” x 48”

My husband and I spent this past weekend attending the opening of Fiberart International 2010 in Pittsburgh. There are two venues for the work juried into this exhibition. My piece is part of the works on display at Society for Contemporary Craft; the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts is displaying another portion.



Here’s me talking about my work at the opening during the Saturday program. The day started with a talk by juror Rebecca Stevens, then offered participants and artists the opportunity to walk through both venues and converse with many of the participating artists attending. I had a great time talking with people about the ideas behind my work.

Now that I’m home, the next priority is my upcoming exhibition in the Adirondacks this summer.  I worked through the design process for the postcard and this is what it will look like:front


Now, back to work!


  1. I spent my college years summers on Blue Mountain Lake waitressing at a resort. Wish I could see this!!

  2. Congrats on being in the shows and on getting to talk about your work, always a wonderful outlet methinks. I was just thinking of you and your upcoming summer show and wondering how it was all coming together. Love the post card and the show is going to be spectacular I know.

  3. Congratulations on being in this wonderful exhibition. So happy you had an opportunity to speak about your work and hope you can share more about the experience. I love the new piece. It is exploding with energy!

  4. Gerrie, if you remember the place you worked, I'll see if it's still there.

    Elizabeth, thanks for the compliment.

    Susan, I've been wondering what you're up to also and need to visit your blog.

    Terry, thanks, I can't decide whether the letters are radiating out from the center or flowing from the outside into the picture plane, but yes I agree it has a lot of movement and energy.