Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Resurfacing At Last

I am returning to the blog world after a hiatus and plan to resume my posts again . Hopefully you’ve missed my creative musings and explorations.

The Catalyst for my Immersion – “Entwining Alphabets”, a new solo at Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts.


The opening reception will be July 10, 6-8 PM. If you live in the area, I hope you will attend.

The New Work

I’ve been wanting to return to work on the Pages series. The idea behind them has been to create a series in which the letterforms gradually free themselves from pages and get to dance (or so I see in my imagination!).

Here are some of the new works I’ve completed. Others are still in progress.

_IGP8600 _IGP8601

Pages 6 diptych, 33” x 90”. Threadwork construction with dyed and printed silk letterforms.

I also completed a second set of these that are almost identical to this one but shorter.

_IGP8610 _IGP8611

Pages 8, 31” x 48”, distressed and manipulated synthetic fabric; dyed, painted and applied silk letterforms.


Pages 9, 31” x 48”, distress and manipulated synthetic fabric; dyed, painted and applied letterforms.

_IGP8607 _IGP8608

Pages 10, 44” x 65”, dyed, painted, screen printed silks, constructed with thread.

The Process

The creative intensity of this past six months became most apparent to me once I shipped off the boxes of new and existing work for my exhibition. I’ve felt like a quivering bow trying to hold steady as it sites its target and waits to release its arrow.

This exhibition has been a wonderful catalyst to immerse in my artistic process. I laughingly have referred to it as “My Guggenheim” and have treated the opportunity as though it were an invitation to exhibit in the finest contemporary art museum.

The immersion to actualize some of the ideas inside me has been an amazing gift. The intense creative energy, depth of ideas, exploration and growth have been heartfelt, personal and hard to explain in words (imagine that!).

Simultaneously, as I’ve focused on making new work and preparing for the exhibition this past six months, we’ve also dealt with my husband becoming ill and finally having a major surgery in mid-May. He is fine and recovering well – the two experiences in tandem have heightened my appreciation for my wonderful life and opportunities to grow and express as an artist and maker.


  1. I would love to see this. When I was in college, I spent my summers waitressing at a resort in Blue Mt. Lake. Congrats on this body of work.

    BTW, I am going to be in upstate NY in early August.

  2. Welcome Back! And congratulations on your new body of work. What an accomplishment! And, an important milestone. Wish I could be there for your opening. You are an inspiration.

  3. Hi Jeanne! It's great to see what you have been creating in your studio and I love the idea of "making this exhibition important". It is indeed important and I wish you the excited and receptive audience you deserve.

  4. I also welcome you back to blogging. Your work shown is breath taking, awesome, and reflects your vision. I am very impressed with it. I'll be interested in hearing whatever response you may have. It would merit a review from an art critic, if that is possible. Congratulations, Jeanne. You show amazing growth as an artist, with clear focus and an evident vision.

  5. Gerry, Lauren, Terry and Rosemary, thanks for the encouragement and support. I appreciate that you take the time to both read and comment on my posts. It is a nice welcome back!

    Gerrie, let me know when you'll be in upstate New York; perhaps we can get together.

  6. All the best for a successful exhibition - I'm sure it will be, your work is terrific, and I find your development of letterforms so interesting.

  7. ok I can NOT believe this is the first time with your blog! It's so stimulating and creative it feeds my art soul! Bravo! I'm readin on!