Saturday, July 17, 2010

Entwining Alphabets at Adirondack Center for the Arts


Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in Blue Mountain Lake – a small but vibrant facility.


Gallery director Cornelia Tobey did an excellent job of installing my work in the gallery space.


Having three large windows dividing the wall space inspired innovative hanging of my Pages pieces.


The split colors of the gallery walls had been of great concern to me – but serendipitously created a visual illusion that I can use intentionally in future works. Notice in the angled corner piece that the white letterforms leap forward at the top where the wall is dark; once the wall behind the work shifts to pure white, the gray letterforms pop and the white ones recede – even though the piece is identical from top to bottom.

DSCN5523 Fellow artists Debbie Bein and Judith Plotner (along with her husband Stan) attended my reception. It was  wonderful to meet them both in person.


We turned the opening into a getaway weekend and stayed at The Hedges for three nights. This Adirondack family great camp dates back to 188o and was restful and relaxing.

Once I returned home, I immediately started working on two applications for future solo exhibitions. This experience intensified my desire to show my work collectively because solos heighten the creative process and link it to a specific space and time.

A solo opportunity is not just about the location or scale or sophistication of the exhibition space. Solos are catalysts for growth, experimentation and new work.

My work leaped forward this past six months in response to this opportunity, in part because in my heart I treated it just as if it were an invitation to participate in the Whitney Biennial or the Guggenheim.

That same attitude will propel me forward as an artist and I can hardly wait to discover where my next solo exhibition will be!


  1. Congratulations, I wish I could see it in person. The work looks wonderful and I love what happened with the two toned walls.

  2. All my old familiar haunts from my NYS days. I love Blue Mt. lake and the Adirondacks. The Hedges is a wonderful place to relax.

  3. I meant to say that your show looks fantastic. wish I could see it.

  4. What a fabulous opportunity Jeanne. How wise of you to have embraced it and used as your catalyst for creativity. I love the effects of the two toned walls as backdrop for your works.

  5. Hi Linda, it does go to prove that what we consider limitations are often the very aspects that open up new opportunities (oh dear, did that sound like a fortune cookie fortune!?!?)

    Gerrie, I can almost see you lounging lakeside in that 60's free-love-era string bikini!! Still have one of those?!? I'll buy your plane ticket if you'll wear it!

    Leslie, the less I resist the better it gets. Now THERE'S a power house in one short statement.

  6. Good comments about a solo exhibition, which I endorse entirely. All the very best. Your work is great. I am now currently planning my next one too.

  7. Hi Diana, best of luck on your planning. These exhibition opportunities really are goldmines, don't you think? As artists, our natural enthusiasm for the new and different can easily draw us off on tangents. Knowing that solos require us to consider the relationships between pieces, both visually and thematically, helps us stay focused -- and as a result, our ideas and concepts mature.

  8. Jeanne,

    Congratulations on a beautiful show!

  9. Jeanne - I just found your website and love your work. The letterforms are fascinating. - Gail

  10. Jeanne - I just found your website and love your work! Your letterforms are fascinating!

  11. Hi Gail, welcome! I visited your blog and see you love printmaking too. It's nice to meet you and see your work.

    Becky, thank you! You know how much focus it took for me to keep working and I appreciate all the support you provided while Bob was ill.