Friday, July 23, 2010

What Next?

A fertile, production period of time has drawn to a close and my creative life feels almost eerily calm and quiet. No more white- water-rapids-ride of productivity. Now there’s more like a steady current beneath my vessel. I feel alert, attentive, all my senses keenly tuned – ready and waiting for “what comes next.”

During this hiatus, I am looking closely at the work that I’ve produced this past six months and feeling for the strongest pulse. Where the most excitement is, that’s the direction to pursue next.

While this self-inventory is in process, I’m taking some time in my studio to do some samples and make some new tools.


Sample detail, monoprint with wax resist and painting.

I also am exploring the cola pen, made by cutting and folding a piece of aluminum cut from a cola can and taping it to a stick.


Several examples of “cola pens” I’ve made.


Cola pen writing sample on Bristol paper with DyNaFlo paint.

To stir up the inspiration soup, I’m also participating in a four-week pilot design class from Rebecca Howdeshell that she will soon be offering online. Here is also a link to  Rebecca Howdeshell Studio Art, which explains her artist concept and displays some of her beautiful art work.

In conjunction with the class, my attention has been drawn even more to line. All good, all strengthening my observation.


Notice the lines of these tree branches reflecting on shallow water with the rock shapes beneath. One of my favorite images from our recent trip to the Adirondacks.

I am greatly enjoying the class. Rebecca is an excellent teacher  -- she will soon be publicly offering online design classes as well as a portfolio review service. Check back on her blog or mine for an announcement soon.


  1. I like those cola pen marks Jeanne. Nothing like a class to help sag-way from one flow to the next.

  2. I feel like an echo but I love the idea of the cola pen and I love the marks you made with that tool. I also enjoyed your description of the reflective period you are in. When you are in the rush of a creative flow it is sometimes hard to even "see" what you are doing. Now you can take a break and soak it all in. Rebecca's class sounds great. Happy she is presenting this.

  3. Cool cola pens! I often snap a likely branch or use drift wood from the ocean to write with but I do like the nozzle bottle best.
    love your work!