Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vacation Week

My final studio day before heading off to our cottage was a productive one. My new piece is almost ready for the language imagery that will complete it – before I left for vacation, my thoughts took a sudden, playful fork.

DSCN5757 A quick attempt to get some ideas put down on cloth.  In previous Relic pieces, I marked the surfaces with ancient inscriptions. Then I began to realize that “ancient” is a relative term – today many people consider the 1950’s ancient.  My mind is toying with creating a surface that reflects one young man’s desire for the world to remember him.

BUT FIRST – Off to the Lake!


Our small slice of summer perfection – a quiet week at our cottage in Central New York on Panther Lake, a lake so small it looks like a pinpoint on the map!

Perfect summer weather made our time at the cottage a joy. In between kayaking and paddle boating and swimming, I kept the creative fires stoked by reading contemporary drawing books and doing some experimental sketching.


I alternated between making lines and shapes with various pens and graphite and charcoal pencils…


…and even had time to explore the area for interesting hand-lettered signage.

A great vacation!


  1. gosh I love that last photo. what a riot. And your new take on "ancient." Hmmm. Lucky you to have this summer cottage to relax at. Enjoy and renew.

  2. Isn't hand-lettered signage wonderful? Sometimes you wonder how they could do such a bad job of spacing unless they tried. Would love to see more of these photos if you have a collection.

  3. Hi Suki and Kathy, yes that picture is a treasure. I wanted to trespass and try to get inside the old buildings -- there used to be an antique shop there long ago and I bet there's tons of junk in there -- but there were people running heavy equipment out in back and I was afraid they'd chase me off!

    Kathy, I don't have a formal collection of hand-lettered signage, but I find myself drawn to them and take pictures of them whenever I have my camera with me. I especially love the ones with misspelled words, like writing "cunk" instead of "chunk" on this one.