Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bouncing Back

Not feeling well and resting a lot can lead to introspection.  While I’ve been anchored to the couch, there have been disappointments – rejection from Quilt National – and validations – I’ve been juried into the Arena Art Group. 

So there has been a fair share of sorting and self-inventorying – what is really important to me as an artist? -- while I've been waiting for my energy – and my voice -- to return.

But they’re both back! Here comes the sun…both literally and figuratively; we’re having gorgeous golden fall weather again after days upon days of grey skies and rain.

Saturday I also returned to my studio and spent an energetic and productive day clearing remnants of previous projects away and setting up to start new ones. This is one of my best tricks to engage my creativity again, cleaning and setting up my studio so it’s fresh and inviting. The cheese in the mouse trap.

While I’m also in the middle of a total website redesign, launching a new regional juried exhibition and other projects – yes, real life -- the call inside is to metaphorically climb into a sandbox with my inner preschooler and play.

What will that mean? Where will it take me? My creative spirit is sensing the call of adventure – and loving it.

The Not Knowing is Magical; after all, what kind of adventure would it be if the heroine set out already knowing the destination?


  1. As always I find your comments reassuring. You describe the ups and downs of making art in an honest way. Thank you.

    Tell us more about the regional juried exhibition.

  2. Glad you are feeling better. "Climb into my sandbox with my inner pre-schooler and play." Love that.

    Congrats on your acceptances.

  3. Suki, jump on in. When we get tired of that,we can rake piles of leaves and bury ourselves in them!

  4. Terry, more about the regional juried exhibition soon. I'm just waiting until the jurors are finalized and then the prospectus will be available.

  5. I'm heading over the sand box right now! You inspire me Jeanne!

  6. And I want to come walk and gather wonderful little beach stones with you!