Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Life as the Star in an Old-Timey Cliff Hanger


Countdown –six days until our Hungerford Urban Artisans building-wide open house next Friday. Since I’m the heroine in this cliff-hanger drama, I am trusting the work crew will show up Monday and fly through completing my storage space construction and replacing my two door entry with one so I can  restore order, hang work and open my doors by next weekend.

Like the plucky undaunted heroine that I am, I feel very relaxed and confident in the midst of my exploded space. Whatever may happen, I’ll figure out a way to make it all work.

A large source of this positivity springs from my still managing to create through the rubble. Right now I’m revisiting old work that didn’t quite succeed and making improvements – and enjoying the results.


This is one of my first painted silk pieces from 2004.  The colors ended up dull, so I am adding some clear, saturated hints of color and highlights with dry brushing; still working on this but it’s close to done.


Another very old textural stitching study that went awry is now looking quite rich and lovely with the addition of brushed paints and paint sticks. I’ll be mounting this on a stretched canvas frame.

Send out positive thoughts that I’ll be able to move everything into my wonderful new storage area by Wednesday and open my doors to throngs of art appreciators by Friday evening.

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  1. Sending warm thoughts your way Jeanne. I hope the cliff hanger has resolved itself in to a grand denouement and a highly successful Open House.

    Congrats too on finding a way to work around the chaos!