Thursday, November 18, 2010

Open Studios Invitation

Still getting ready for…


Over 30 artisans in our building will open their studios for this First Friday event in Rochester, NY.  I plan to have works in process on my print table on Saturday and demonstrate the improvisational screen print techniques that I use in my own work.

When: Friday, Dec 3, 5-9PM, Saturday, Dec 4, 12-4 PM

Where:1115 East Main Street (near Goodman), Rochester, NY

I’ll also invite people to leave samples of their handwriting. I’m working on an idea for people to write down phrases or single words and mount them on my design wall wherever they choose. They’ll be part of composing it.

Meanwhile, I decided after 9 years, it was time to repaint my studio walls. My husband volunteered to help and I picked this deep charcoal color for accent walls.


We’ve painted two charcoal and the rest white.  The white post above also just got painted charcoal to tie in the two walls.


But, do I pull out all the stops and paint the wall on the right charcoal as well --  or will that make the space feel dark and closed in? It already is mighty gray in the Northeast!

Meanwhile, it’s time to plan what works to hang in the space and where – and just how much of the storage stuff along the left hand wall to leave and how much to store in the wet room area through that open door on the right.

I’m arranging for a storage area right next to my studio through the wet room. That should REALLY take away a lot of the cluttered feeling in the space. I can’t wait!


  1. The charcoal walls look great! Best wishes for your open house.

  2. I love your charcoal walls, Jeanne! They also look like they would make a great backdrop for photographing work. I think making the column gray too is a great idea, but you might loose quite a bit of bounced light from that wall opposite the window if that becomes dark gray as well. Could it go a lighter, more silvery gray so the contrast between the dark/light isn't so pronounced while still keeping a more reflective quality to the wall? It's certainly a beautiful, sophisticated look you have there now, and once you have that new storage area - WOW!

    I wish I could come to the open studio event. Have a great time!