Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Made It! The Curtain Went Up for Hungerford Unwrapped

Hungerford Unwrapped was a success – hundreds of people visited the many open studios in our building-wide open studio event. 

Here are images of my studio AFTER the event (alas, my camera disappeared somewhere into the mountainous piles that I hid behind closed doors).


Yes the piece above got SOLD – Relic 3, 24” x 48”, 2010. 


The view as you walked in the doorway.


The “gallery space” on the right. I was delighted how well the piece in the middle turned out (it’s 48” x 48” and very stunning with gold leaf behind the lacy white). In the corner is one of  my new hanging stands. Several people who attended said the charcoal walls drew them right in the door.


Along the design wall, a framed Relic piece hangs, along with two Pages pieces that are suspended from the ceiling on acrylic rods. These hanging pieces will all be displayed on steel hangers soon.


The second new steel stand displays a Pages piece in front of the east windows. I decided not to crowd the studio so each work could be appreciated. Many visitors described the works as having an Asian feel.DSCN6216

Happily, no one could see what lurked behind the closed door to my utility and storage area!


The piles of relocated “stuff” were way higher than this shot reveals. This week I’m making steady progress in reorganizing, as the comparison shots above and below make very clear!


Please don’t tell my husband but I’m envisioning how much nicer this space would look painted a different color than white!


The new storage area isn’t the least bit pretty but it  holds a lot – and there’s room to move around in there as well. I still have more more organizing and rearranging to do but every day the studio feels more open, spacious and inviting.


  1. Very impressed with your beautiful work in the lovely studio.

  2. Thank you Sue, I must return the compliment about your work as well, which I greatly enjoyed seeing at Quilts=Art=Quilts.

  3. Your work looks do wonderful hanging - I wish I could have been there to actually see them. I'm sure they are even better in person.

  4. Hi Linda, thank you, the details are always easier to see in person than on the internet. I think my low-end Coolpix may be a culprit in this regard as well, but it's oh so small and easy to carry compared to a SLR.

  5. Congrats Jeanne. The work and the space is beautiful!

  6. Beautiful exhibit, Jeanne! I think it does have an Eastern esthetic, which is appealing to me. Each of the pieces surpasses the other not only in beauty, but in subconscious communication. The pieces do speak to me. Congratulations on your sale. That is so affirming. Well done, my friend!