Saturday, January 29, 2011

Staking My Claim to 2011

It’s My Year of Celebrating Artistic Accomplishments! You’ll see this image of me in my studio on my newly redesigned website, soon to be completed.  


 It’s My Year of Celebrating Artistic Community! We had an amazing two-day, 60th birthday celebration at our Arena Art Group’s 60/20: Art in Motion event at Rochester Contemporary Art Center on January 13 & 14.  Between 400-500 people attended – a great turnout  for snowy Rochester in the middle of January in the midst of a streak of single digit temperatures!

Our group’s electronic experts turned the interior of the Rochester Contemporary Art Center gallery space into a virtual exhibition, with a multitude of projections that some of us began interacting with while cameras recorded our moving-people-art. 

The beautiful art works flashing on the walls to specially chosen music spanned the 60-year history and membership of this contemporary regional art group. The people who attended loved the event. What a grand celebration to launch an exciting artistic year ahead







It’s my Year of Ease and Flow!

Each year I select a theme. Last year’s theme of “connection” led to wonderful new associations in my art community and excellent exposure for my work. It helped me connect more deeply to the ideas that generate my art and to the directions I’d like to take it next.

This year I am envisioning everything I desire unfolding easily and harmoniously – a wonderful flow of adventures,  accomplishments and new art projects that will flower with the same intuitive ease as buds opening and blooming.

And we’ve only just started 2011…


  1. Your Joy and Accomplishments give me Courage. Congratulations!


  2. a magical light show! I pray you will find the ease and flow you seek.

  3. Here's to all you envision (and more!) coming to pass!