Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Work in Progress: Fluttering Pages

After cutting out all the rectangular papers and laying them out for this triptych, I’m mounting them row by row to fiberglass window screening. The sides and bottom are unattached.

DSCN6704 DSCN6716

I’ve completed two of the three basic 48” x 60” structures. Here is the first one.


A detail. The individual painted papers are lovely; the random, pebbly patterning within the repeating shapes feels like flickers of light reflecting off the surfaces.

DSCN6690 To complete the pieces and add the language elements, I’ve been taking some of the rejected rectangles and trying out a variety of ideas. One option is to draw a variety of language symbols on the surface. Above, graphite.


Here, colored pencil. Another consideration is whether to punch up the contrasts by punctuating the surface with some ripped or cut shapes of painted papers like the piece of painted tissue above.

Another option is to add some hints of gold foiling and draw into that. Obviously, options abound.

As of today, I’ve completed two of the three and will finish the third one today. Then I can relax and take some time to reflect on what will best communicate the idea behind these pieces.


  1. Hi Jeanne . . great to see you posting!! Love this . . repetition & grid combined with the organic randomness of each paper. And on fiberglass screen! Will this be like a wall hanging? How will it be presented?

    You're really cookin! Best, Jann

  2. They look beautiful as they are. I can't wait to see the finished piece. I love the subtleties in the colours.

  3. Hi Jann, these first ones can hang from the wall on a rod or be away from the wall on a stand -- these will go on the wall at my upcoming solo, since there's a hanging system in that gallery and strict guidelines. I do envision manipulating them in the future so they are more dimensional.

    Carrie, I find them lovely as they are too, so I will only add to them after time to consider what might truly enhance their meaning. I checked out your blog and will enjoy reading it.

  4. just gorgeous. i like the pencil notations. amazing to think of you cutting out so many rectangles. I assume you mount them to the screen with glue? this is going to be spectacular for sure.

  5. lovely and what a lot of work! love to see them fluttering in a light breeze!

  6. Thanks Suki and Carole, I am hoping people who see these at my show will find them intriguing. If not, I've had the pleasure of immersing in the creative process and coaxing an idea into fruition. Who could ask for a more satisfying way to spend a life?!?!?