Sunday, May 15, 2011

From the Front Lines or at the Leading Edge of Creation?

Perhaps I could cast myself as a news reporter “reporting live” from a battle zone.  Perhaps I could choose to identify with Richard Tuttle, the experimental artist in the “Never Not An Artist” documentary I just watched (done by the amazing Paul Gardner), drawing a line on the wall and then carefully tracing that same line with a length of wire to make a minimal and exciting work of art.

Whatever Walter Mitty fantasies pop into my head, there are eight days left to work until I must stop and mount my show – and of course there are still several pieces that I MUST complete.

Unlike the news reporter, I’m not in danger. although I do feel the tingles of risk and uncertainty. Unlike Richard Tuttle, I am not a famous experimental artist. Actually, in my imagination, which god bless it is free of all limitations of time and space, I am soaring with the focus and determination of a hawk hunting for its next meal. The work I’m making is challenging and stimulating me. It’s not perfect – is anything ever? – but it’s heartfelt and innovative and true to my artistic voice.

DSCN6882 Substrate for the third “Writing in Air” piece, foiled and over painted.


I’m collaging the whole surface at one time on this 40” x 72” piece – a new variation in my process with this third “Writing in Air” work -- and now that it is dry today, will add suggestions of handwritten texts. After that, I’ll cut the large collage into rectangles, form the tubes and mount them to the prepared canvas.



These two details show how the large surface will break down into rectangles that will become each tube.


Once the rectangles are all composed, this sample shows the cutting pattern I’m planning to use. More loops and flourishes than in the two previous pieces to suggest cursive “writing in air.”

Today I’ll complete the compositions for each rectangle and then begin printing, cutting, composing and mounting.


  1. What beautiful surfaces!! And thanks for sharing your fascinating process! So intriguing!

  2. As I have said before these cut pieces are amazing and inspiring. I am inspired by the amount of work that goes into making them and the originality of the shapes you cut. Writing in Air, a wonderful concept too. Your new show will be amazing, I can tell!

  3. Thank you for the peek inside your thinking. I love what you have been doing the intensity with which you are doing it!