Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dimensional Freeform Crochet Class At SDA Conference

I attended the 2011 SDA “Confluence” Conference in Minneapolis, MN June 9-12 and arrived early to take a pre-conference class in sculptural crochet at The Textile Center June 6-8 .


The three-day class in sculptural crochet with Jodi Colella introduced me to crochet – as a left-hander, I had never seemed to be able to learn it. With my lefty neighbor and fellow student Beverly guiding me, I proudly succeeded in getting the knack of it.


Here’s a detail of a freeform crochet sample by Jodi, which definitely appeals to me.


Zooming out to show more of the piece. I enjoy the combinations of textures that her various freeform stitches create.

I appreciate how much potential the wire work has to compliment what I am already doing with my language imagery works and look forward to enjoying a bit of experimentation with the stitches and materials over the summer.

When I returned home, I discovered this TED talk featuring artist Shea Hembrey and found it so wonderful and inspiring that I wanted to share it with you. 

Once I’m settled back in, I’ll post more images of last weekend’s SDA Conference in Minneapolis. It was a great experience.

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