Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hungerford Artists: Thaw 3 Delivers Diversity

For the third year, artists from the Hungerford Building combined forces March 1 –8 to show their work in “Thaw 3”. “Thaw” exhibits have taken place all over Rochester and surrounding areas, a collaboration of Regional Gallery Directors’ Forum at Roberts Wesleyan College.


The diversity of mediums and subject matter in the Hungerford “Thaw” shows are always inspiring, but more so are the commitment and focus evident in the artists’ works.


Even with over 20 artists displaying multiple works, this huge studio space in the building could have held more! Here is a small selection of the works in this years THAW 3:


Robert Rogaliski’s (studio #222) wonderful imagination comes to life in this mixed media work, titled “Falling Leaf”.


Detail, “Falling Leaf”, mixed media, Robert Rogalski


Cody Kroll’s “Chadogu – Tea Utensils”, an installation featuring vessels using 16th century and modern American shino glazes.  Cody writes in his artist statement at his website, “In the last few years I have become fascinated conceptually by the "living" nature of clay and themes of impermanence.” See a full view in the image at the top of this page.  Cody’s studio is #228.


 Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle, “Light Snack”, Airigami, studio #234, silver halide print, young girl with balloon sculpture.

Hungerford is home base for Airigami, where Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle design balloon installations for venues all over the country. They’re currently awaiting publication of two children’s books they’ve written and illustrated with – of course -- their innovative balloon works.

One of my favorite artists in the building is Michael Pigett, who paints cloud paintings that are gentle, sensitive contemplations of light and movement. I left some the background surrounding this painting in because the two interact in such an interesting way. 


Michael Pigett, “Clouds”, oil on canvas


Olivia Kim, “Walking Woman”, studio #335, hydrocal and encaustics. Olivia’s love of the figure and her supreme attention to realistic detail inform her body of work.

Many thanks to Constance Mauro and Jennifer Buckley for coordinating the Hungerford Thaw 3 exhibit.

 If you live in the Rochester area, please visit the Hungerford Building, 1115 East Main St., Rochester, NY,  on First Friday Gallery Nights (go to this page for a listing of the studios open each month) and enjoy offerings of art and craft in every conceivable medium.

Visiting First Friday at Hungerford combines adventure, inspiration – and good exercise! – all in one convenient indoor location.

Parking is crazy on First Fridays, but here’s the way to avoid the crowds: Just park across the road in the bank parking lot or half a block down on the same side of East Main at the Greenovations building. Plenty of room in both! And do make sure to come visit me in studio #366!


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