Monday, March 3, 2008

Studio: Day 1 with Christine

Misconception #1, waxed collage of original prints, 10" x18", by Christine Destrempes.

Christine Destrempes is a professional painter and print maker living in New Hampshire. She works primarily with monoprinting techniques on handmade paper. She decided she wanted to translate her techniques onto silk and create long, fluid monoprinted silk constructions for a new series in which she is exploring water imagery. However, she doesn't know anything about working with dyes and fabrics.
She visited the Pro Chem website to check into taking dyeing classes and saw that I'll be teaching monoprinting at Pro Chem in October 08. She visited my website, saw the similarities in our printing and layering methods and decided to contact me about working with me privately. You can see more of Christine's work at

Today will be our first day together. I spent most of the day yesterday at my studio unloading from the U. of R. class, then mixed dyes and print pastes so everything is set up and ready for us to start this morning. We'll spend the next four days together translating her printing techniques on paper with acrylics and oil sticks to liquid reactive dyes on silk.

I am wonderfully excited about introducing an artist from a different medium to textiles. Her willingness to bridge mediums and take on a new learning curve when she is already established in her own field heartens me -- I love it when artists challenge themselves, even though we all know how frustrating it is to take on something that makes us feel like a beginner again.

So for the next four days or so you'll be hearing about our experimentation and seeing some of the results. I will meet Christine for the first time this morning -- can you tell I am really excited about working with her?!?

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