Tuesday, September 9, 2008

List Making

The day is beginning with a peaceful, gentle rain and daylight emerges slowly and softly.

As I sit down at my desk to write, outside my window a dead leaf swirls and dips and floats downward on the currents of the morning breeze. The trees are still full and green, but on their upper branches the change from green to yellow is beginning and when I follow the leaf to the ground I notice that others are lying there as well. Summer is indeed fading.

My creative work makes me feel like a gardener of sorts and this summer I have tilled and hoed and fussed over freshly planted creative seeds. And not all have grown as I had hoped nor as quickly. In fact, this week I began to feel as though I have too many projects started and have made too little progress on any of them.

That's when I go back to making lists. It seems that seeing where I am and what I desire to complete in black and white has a rallying effect on my spirits. I get to do something that I adore, which is write down the large and small to-dos on sheets of paper, organize them into steps and then start checking off each step one at a time.

Last night I worked until 8:30 PM to send final edits to my patient web site designer, Holly Knott. I've gone through a long process to make choices about my work and directions that the website will reflect, but I am feeling a sense of closure with that process now and look forward to announcing the new website soon. Hopefully Holly will have time to complete the changes and it will go "live" soon. One huge task to check off the list when that happens!

I'm heading out to my studio to make one final effort with the length of fabric that I have been working on for a new Parables piece, which may revive it as a whole cloth piece or consign it to be cut into letterforms! Either way, that will soon be resolved and off my mind.

After a good studio day today, I'll work at home tomorrow and return to stitching the newest Pages piece, which is about one quarter complete. I need to see that finished as well.

Those are the top three items on my list, along with completing the wet studio overhaul to clean and organize the space and attending to some office work. All in all, close enough to finishing all these tasks to soon be able to move on to some exciting NEW ideas.

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