Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Midnight Hour

When the clock strikes twelve tonight, it will be October 1st. It's almost time to set my own work aside and pack for my Fabrications teaching trip. What I'm wishing and hoping is that this new work, "Seeds of Compassion" will be finished by Thursday. It's 40" x 48" dyed silk with dense machine stitching and layered sheer accents of color.

I still need to stitch the little slashes of color onto the surface and then add some hand embroidery accents and put on the facings.

I've felt a powerful connection to this piece since the moment I started stitching it. This morning I played with these small slivers of color to see what placement might look best. When it was time to leave for my studio, I stopped and took these pictures. I intended to come home and add more color. However, I shared the images with a friend and she thinks it looks complete exactly as it is. I respect her opinions so I will sleep on this tonight and revisit the piece tomorrow with the intention to resolve and complete it. I trust that whenever I take a question like this to bed that I'll wake in the morning knowing exactly what choice to make.

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  1. I like it just as it is....just wondering what you decided.

    I am a new visitor but hope to be a regular...and an explorer of previous posts. I am a newbie to art of any type and am fascinated by your processes and comments on them. Thanks for sharing.