Tuesday, April 21, 2009


One day up, one day down, so goes the creative life. On Sunday I soared, capturing a much desired interplay between lights and darks, graceful transitions in line and interesting shapes.

On Monday I tried to do some stitching at home, but had a hard time with concentration and my efforts felt flawed; it was one of those "learn what not to do" days. They happen. I do trust that the frustration does lead to new insights and creative resolutions; it just didn't happen yesterday! So today I'll set those pieces aside and return to painting and printing.

Here's another detail that DID excite me on Sunday:

Today I'll return to this piece, create language marks in several of the darkest areas and choose where and how to add more color. I feel like a hound that's caught a scent and is howling to get off the leash!

This experimentation will help me work out the ideas for a piece that I'm creating for an Australian museum art cloth exhibition. It must be 37.5" x 118" when finished. But here it is at the very beginning:

This silk broadcloth, nearly 140", drapes over both ends of my print table. The extra length is for color and pattern sampling. Not much to see here except the size of it! It has a first layer of resist and a very subtle application of a light gray rag rolled pattern. I've mixed some earth-toned dyes in varying hues and depths of shade. Today another layer of pattern -- and color!

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