Monday, April 27, 2009

One Near the Finish Line, One Still Running Laps

If you had been at my studio today, you would have seen me take a very deep breath before I silk screened the final elements on this new work. It took a while to let that breath out! Once I did, ahhhhhhhhhh...

This piece is ready for the addition of stitching. In my imagination, I'm toying with the idea of hand stitches accentuating those lovely rippling horizontal lines in some way.

Completing this one isn't a priority, though , so it's back to the other work that I'm creating (for the Australian exhibition) when I return to my studio tomorrow.

Now I have to consider how best to add the letterforms and cracks on its surface that I envision. Here's one Etruscan letter sample utilizing wax resist, which is looking a bit too clean and crisp to read as ancient. Your opinions are welcome! Tomorrow, more experiments with other techniques.

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