Friday, May 15, 2009

2009 Setting Intentions Progress Report

Being an artist is marvelous -- it just doesn't always lend itself to a lot of personal interaction. I get so absorbed in my work that I begin to suffer from Human Interaction Deficit Disorder (I'm sure this will appear as a drug company commercial on television soon!). In other words, sometimes I manage to make my rather solitary life rival a Jesuit monastery!

Because I recognized the need for greater connection and community with other artists, I included images and word associations to address this in 2009 when I created a Vision Board. Have you ever tried this? Making a Vision Board is a powerful tool to attract what you desire into your life; I learned it decades ago but let it slide away from being a practice.

So for 2009, among the many intentions I am setting in motion, I included images and words on my board to represent attracting new associations with other artists.

How is my intention-setting working out so far? Amazingly well. The Law of Attraction is definitely at work. Here are a few examples:

One of the new artists I've met in my building is Connie Mauro, who has a monoprinting studio and gallery on the second floor. She is putting up our cut and paste ideas at this recent meeting where we were brainstorming possible names for our artists' collective.

1. I've had a studio in the Hungerford Building, an old factory in the city for at least seven, maybe eight years, and once or twice a few of us have held small exhibits here, but nothing building-wide. Shortly after I set my intention to increase my connections with other artists, I received an invitation from the amazing potters at Crocus Clay to a building-wide meeting to discuss and plan a proposed joint open house.

As a result, we coordinated a first -- and very successful -- Hidden Hungerford Artists open studio night in March in conjunction with the already popular First Fridays in Rochester.

Our committee continues to meet and work to help plan future open houses and build a group identity. Yes, it feels as though our building and artists are putting ourselves "on the art map" in Rochester, but even better, we're getting to know and enjoy each other.

2. Fiber Art Alliance

Shortly after I set my intentions for 2009, I received an invitation to become a member of a new online exhibition group of 11 fiber artists. Our founders are Karen-Stiehl Osborn, Rosemary Claus-Gray and Jacque Davis. This year the artists in the group are making three small works each that relate to the theme "Natural Lines", and will have a collection of 33 pieces available for exhibition and sale by the end of the year. I will get to meet three of the members in the group at the Surface Design Association Conference in just a few weeks!

3. Rochester Area Fiber Artists (RAFA). I agreed to serve on a steering committee to help this loose knit and rapidly growing group develop an organizational structure. It's been wonderful to be part of this committee and get to know some of the newer members of RAFA better.

4. Responding to blog comments. Because it takes so long to write a blog post, I have always held back on responding to any posts from readers. But -- light bulb! -- that's part of connecting with the people who read and care enough to respond to what I'm doing. Writing this blog has already brought some great new e-mail art friends into my life and I'm now responding to those of you who take time to post comments on my blog.

A variety of other fortuitous connections and encounters are strengthening the ties that already exist with some artist friends and helping to build some new ones with others. I am appreciative both that I've recognized my need for more time with other artists and that the new artists I am getting to know better are such interesting, talented people.


  1. Wow. this is a timely post for me to read! I have been thinking about how I am such a hermit, and how I'd like to meet more artists and connect with creative people, but I've been unsure how to do so (the local groups aren't my cup of tea).

    As part of that I took the plunge and signed up to go to SDA. This is huge for me, as I don't care for travel and am scared of being alone in a strange place for so long. But I'm going, for a full 7 days! I hope that I will be brave enough to talk to people while I'm there and not just run off to my room.

    I like the vision board idea, too. That could help me move forward in other creative endeavors. Thanks for the thoughtful post!

  2. Hi Mandi, it sounds like you're taking a class at SDA; that is one of the best ways to go as a First Timer and meet new people. What are you taking? And you can always talk to me there! As far as Vision Boards, if you google those words, you'll come up with some great sites with ideas for creating one of your own. Let me know what starts to happen in your life once you do!