Friday, June 5, 2009

Road Trip! Heated Start to the Adventure

Instead of more profiles and images of art and artists at SDA's recent Off the Grid conference in Kansas City, here are links to several other blogger friends who did a great job summarizing more of the conference highlights. Check out Rebecca's Nest by Rebecca Howdeshell in Dallas, Texas and Crazy for Fiber by Gerrie Congdon in Portland, Oregon.

After heading out at 7 AM yesterday from Canandaigua, Bob and I stopped last night at a La Quinta Hotel in Moline, Illinois. We've traveled over 700 miles. Unfortunately for at least the past 200 miles the car started overheating. We had to turn off the air conditioning, open the windows and sun roof and drive with the heater on at 85 degrees to keep the temperature gauge normal. So our second day will start with a visit to a Nissan dealer in Davenport, Iowa -- that's just a hop, skip and jump over the Mississippi River.

Before we left, I decided to look for interesting language imagery to record in pictures throughout this trip. So I'm going to try and capture an image or two each day and post them h when I have internet access.

First vacation photo? A most unusual spot to place a religious message!

When I took this picture at an Ohio rest stop -- loved the missing S in SPECIAL and the irregular spacing between letters -- a man walked by and thought I was taking the picture because I couldn't believe how fast the price of gas is going up again. He obviously thought I was a bit odd but that made doing it all the more fun. This collecting and gathering is going to be an adventure in itself!

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