Monday, August 24, 2009

Time Capsule?

Perhaps it's that natural pendulum swing that happens after an intense week of studio work, or the cool air when I woke this morning that felt suddenly more like autumn than summer. Whatever the stimulus, the day led me in an unexpected direction. I seemed to be overcome with a sudden need to find out what actually is stored in my textile storage closets, weed out what I'll never use and organize the rest so I can actually find something when I am looking for it. While the squirrels outside may be starting to build storehouses of nuts and seeds, I seem to be doing the opposite, unearthing the many ghosts of past classes and fascinations.

Of course the first step in doing this is to make a mess, ripping fabrics off shelves and out of storage boxes. It is almost like opening a time capsule of many techniques that I've experimented with -- and abandoned! -- over the years.

I'd love to say I've unearthed forgotten treasures, but most of the scraps and small pieces, other than my printed silk samples, are pretty expendable. I may fill up a huge garbage bag with all these and take them to my fiber group and give them all away. They may be just the treasures that someone else will give a much more appreciative home!

Here's the moment of satisfaction that makes doing this worthwhile, opening the door to this closet in my sewing room and not having a single roll of silk or cotton fall out or get stuck in the track when I try to close the door again. Right next to them are all my fusibles and my last remaining roll of batting.

Perhaps it really is the end of summer that's in the air. Obviously something has me under its spell -- I hope the same motivation bubbles up again when I return to complete the storage area in the other bedroom!

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  1. I am sitting here laughing hysterically. I thought I was the only one who stored their textile treasures like that.