Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Day, Another Layer

There are some good things happening on the surface of this piece that I showed you last week. I have more work to still do before it is complete, but it's getting more interesting than it was earlier. It's drying for the day and tomorrow I'll come back and decide what happens next. I do know there will be areas that will get darker. That hopefully will increase the value contrast and create more dimension. The cracks and surfaces around them are still looking two-dimensional.

The mini-vacation from the studio I took over the weekend seems to have refreshed and revitalized me. I'm just stopping for lunch at 2:30 -- it seemed from the moment I walked into my studio this morning I was filled with purpose and energy and ideas, so much so that I had to force myself to stop, sit, eat and write this.

Here's a detail from a new piece of silk that just got a first layer of dye screen printed and painted onto it. I tried experimenting with brush work marks that may not prove successful, but I will keep on working with the ideas until I get them to work. It's still too wet to move so I can't hang and photograph the whole piece to show you. On this piece, I'm starting the first layer with two new neutrals that are warmer toned. I'll get a feel for how they work once the piece is steamed and washed out tomorrow.


  1. I love those brush marks Jeanne. I look forward to more images.

  2. That top piece is simply fabulous.

  3. Hi Diana, I visited your profile and see you live in New Zealand. And that we share a love of layering == thanks for reading my blog!

    Gerrie, fleshing out the design was a true pleasure today. Maybe because it's smaller than I usually work, or maybe it was the fun of experimenting with lutrador, but I had a grand time building this surface.

  4. Jeanne, I love how the surface is evolving. The brush work marks create lots of movement.

  5. Thanks, Vicki, I'm still working on drawing with dyes. It isn't exactly like using rice paper and sumi ink!