Thursday, September 9, 2010

Exciting Week

You’ll find a well-written, thoughtful article about my Pages pieces at The Textile Blog. I can’t thank John enough for selecting me and doing such an excellent job at communicating the ideas that generate these works. 

The second reason this week was exciting is that I accomplished a long time goal. I entered Quilt National with three cohesive works. I finished the third one on Tuesday morning, had them photographed on Tuesday afternoon and sent my submission out via UPS on Wednesday for delivery by the Friday September 10 (yes that is tomorrow) deadline. So much for taking it easy.

Never mind that most of my work is no longer finished as quilts. I’ve been focusing on textile constructions this entire year, but then Relic 4 appeared. I’ve posted another detail of this work before but here’s a reminder image. I decided to finish it as a wall hanging and enter it.


Relic 4, detail. This piece is silk backed with canvas and is 48” high and 43” wide.

So then I needed two more works to provide a stronger entry. Which meant that although I vowed to take the rest of the summer off and just play after my solo and my husband’s surgeries, I ended up working even harder to meet this deadline. It turns out that working at making art IS my play.


Relic 5 detail. The work is 54” high and 64” wide. It’s a rocky surface peppered with layered graffiti, weathered and faded in places. It’s dyed, painted and printed silk habotai backed with cotton canvas.

QN’s policy is that works submitted or accepted not be displayed anywhere prior to the Quilt National opening. They will disqualify work that has been exhibited anywhere other than on the artist’s website.


 Relic 6, detail. Three stitched, silk broadcloth panels hang side by side; together they are 31” wide and 57” long.


A second detail. This piece is absolutely lovely and I know it will sell quickly. Some of the screened texts on it are from writing samples that readers of this blog have sent to me. Thank you – there will be more of these.

So I’m posting details rather than the full pieces until the jurors make their choices. Notification will be in early October.


  1. they are all amazing as are you. a whirlwind of creative energy. good luck with all that you are doing. love it that you have used writing samples from your blog readers.

  2. Suki, your writing sample has proved to be very versatile and useful. I've made several screens from segments of it; the content and the handwriting and line spacing work together very well.(Suki was the first person to send me a writing sample!).

  3. You go girl. I hope we meet up at the opening for obvious reasons! I got mine in a couple of weeks ago.

  4. Big congrats on yet more milestones in your career! You continue to be an inspiration. Glad to have you back blogging, I missed reading about your creative adventures when you were on hiatus. I just got back from Fabrications where I was remembering the great class I took from you many years ago. You continue to be a teacher through your blog! Lauren

  5. Hi Jeanne, that is a wonderful article, and quite an honor. I think you are one of the leading fiber artists in America today, so I am not surprised he selected your work to feature. Congratulations on getting your entry for QN done. The work is stunning. Good luck to you. I entered this year, too.

  6. Mary Ann, good thoughts to you as well for your new work. I hope the jurors make excellent selections.

  7. Hi Rosemary, I'll have to work on allowing myself to share your esteem for me as an artist. I do agree these new pieces are strong. Wouldn't it be grand if we all could be recognized and appreciated for the energy, drive and passion that go into our work? -- that to me is the magic.

  8. Lauren, I may fade out once in a while as a blogger when there are other priorities, but will always return. Writing is a passion of mine too and I enjoy the insights that blogs can offer into artistic process.