Sunday, October 3, 2010


There’s nothing like sitting out “the game” on the bench for a bit for some worthwhile contemplations from the sidelines.

Sometimes we get so focused on outcomes – the winning or losing – that we need a change of perspective. Clearly my body decided the one week vacation in Aruba wasn’t enough rest.

I’ve been laying low for a full week now hacking and blowing from a head and chest infection. Friday my voice disappeared, so I have spent the weekend in silence, whispering when necessary.

latte handwriten note

Not to be deterred from important priorities, as part of my “survival kit”, I am carrying a handwritten note with my latte order written on it so I can still get my Starbucks fix.

However (are there choirs suddenly singing hallelujahs??), today I am Feeling Better. Still can’t talk, however the familiar morning rush of ideas reappeared this morning and I actually feel like creating. I could dance in appreciation!

This energizing African folk dance troupe on YouTube will hopefully inspire you to join me. Can you feel the joy and creativity? I definitely can!

It’s time to get back in the game!


  1. I hope you feel better and better. It may be a bit too soon for such energetic dancing, though. Sorry you've been ill. That's no fun. Take care.

  2. Hi Jeanne, hope your chest infection has cleared up by now. I've been catching up with your blog and the new work on your website and I'm absolutely staggered at what you have achieved. Your work is stunning!

  3. Thanks Robyn, it feels like this year I have been riding the crest of a huge wave of inspiration -- think Whale Rider! - and I agree with you, my work has definitely moved forward. It was exhilarating and challenging and I rode it with my whole heart and soul.