Friday, June 24, 2011

SDA “Confluence” Conference Snippets


It would be a huge task to document all the exciting exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations and workshops that take place during a Surface Design Association biennial conference.

A quick sampling will have to suffice here, along with a wholehearted recommendation that you plan to attend the next SDA conference in 2013, which will be held in San Antonio, Texas.


Click on the title above and link to a pdf file with images and descriptions of all the excellent fiber-related exhibitions in Minneapolis during the Surface Design Association “Confluence” conference June 9-12 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.



Jiyoung Chung, Whisper: Jiyoung Chung's Joomchi, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, May 6 - June 24, 2011

Jiyoung Chung, a painter and mixed media artist, has developed innovative applications for a traditional Korean method of papermaking called Joomchi.


 DSCN7024 DSCN7023  India Flint, theWindfallMaps, June 9-30, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Regis Center for Art, U. of Minnesota.

India Flint, a costumer, artist and writer, lives on a farm in rural South Australia. She uses a plant based printing process that produces vibrant and unpredictable marks and patterns on cloth.

Merge and Flow Member Exhibition

DSCN7039 DSCN7040

Erin Endicott’s Healing Sutra #19, hand embroidered antique cotton fabric stained with walnut ink. won first place in Merge and Flow, the SDA Members’ Show, on view at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery in the Regis Center for Art at the University of Minnesota. Erin also won the first place prize in FiberArt International.


  1. oh my gosh. these are gorgeous. i just love the first and last pieces with holes in them. i would also love to know about the papermaking technique mentioned in number one. so glad you got to attend this conference to affirm you art perspective and meet like kinds.

  2. ps love that quote in sidebar. okay, i'm looking for a hairpin. LOL

  3. What a wonderful exhibition! Especially India Flint's work, all subtle pastel colours combined to an incredible tapestry... I wish I could have seen these works!

  4. I would love to have seen the exhibition. Thank you for posting this.

  5. thank you for giving me a mention - am delighted to have found your pages, was sent a link to your most recent post 'ikigai' by Trace of
    and plan to be a regular reader here