Saturday, February 9, 2008

MAGnificent Class at MAG!

Great day on Friday at the Memorial Art Gallery's Creative Workshop, where I taught a one-day surface design intensive on fabrics. Here's a picture of most of the wonderful people who signed up for the class, above. Mary and Judy and Lyn are on the left, Marylee and Joan are on the right and Trish is in the middle.

We worked first with undiluted textile paints on dry fabric most of the morning, utilizing a variety of printing and mark making techniques. After a quick lunch, we dove into wet processes, exploring washes and resists, spraying and spattering and adding layers to the fabrics we had printed earlier. Everyone worked so hard that we were all pretty dazed by the end of the day, me included! It always works out that way; learning so many new techniques is an intense process but also so satisfying. I really look forward to seeing some wonderful work from all of them in the future.
Can't leave out the other member of the class, Paloma. She was an art teacher in Mexico, now lives in Rochester and works with children in MAG's Saturday morning workshops. She brought in some gorgeous pieces of abstract nudes that she's developing. They are created by painting/drawing with India ink, which migrates and blooms when applied to the unprimed, unstretched canvas. She paints around the forms with red acrylics and then layers areas with dense machine stitched hatch marks. Lovely, lovely work that is reminiscent of Gustav Klimt sketches but more abstracted.
If you have never taken a class at MAG, check out their on-line catalogue at: I've taken numerous classes there over the years. MAG offers a variety of art and fine craft classes including ceramics, jewelry making, painting and drawing and textiles. Great way to jumpstart your creativity.

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