Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bright Marquis Lights -- but backstage...

Here's what the postcard looks like, front side.... ...and back! Consider yourself officially invited to the opening. I love the layout on the back of the card.

But here, friends, is what's going on BEHIND the stage doors! I finished the fourth Pages piece yesterday, washed it out and now have to iron every row of pages so that they all lay flat. Not so glamorous!

Every piece is piled on the bed in the guest room awaiting hanging mechanisms or sleeves or some sort of last minute pressing or rechecking for stray threads, etc. We're getting the acrylic holders fabricated and they absolutely have to work; I couldn't order them until I knew the finished sizes for all four Pages pieces and this new one was only laid out this past week. And hear this, I VOW to start putting on the hanging sleeves every time I finish a new piece and not wait!
I know that I'll be ready when next Tuesday arrives, but am definitely going to be a bit dazed by then. There is the one last Parables piece to resolve and complete, so I'm heading up to my studio today to work on it.

While part of me is eager to get the work hung and move on to some well-deserved down time, another part of me loves the momentum that built around this exhibit deadline. There are many other pieces and ideas that want me to work on them and while I know I need a bit of time to rest and relax, I'm not sure how long it will be before I'm up to my elbows again in fleshing out the many ideas that time and circumstances didn't permit me to create this past year. Perhaps that's the lure of creating, that no matter how pleased we are with what we make, the other ideas and images keep crowding forward to be manifested as well.

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