Monday, May 5, 2008

Five Rows Down, Two to Go!

You can't see row five on this piece because my design wall isn't large enough to pin it on, but trust me, those little page pieces are glued on and waiting for stitching! Just two more rows and then I'll debate whether to stop or add one more (either 103" or 118" approximate length). I rather like the fabric pooling on the floor but will reserve an opinion until I get all the pieces pinned together and ready to stitch, then I can hang the full piece and decide. Construction is becoming easier with each new work -- I seem to be improvising little changes that help speed up the process considerably. Working in small units instead of making one huge layout will help the stitching go faster, so I'm not wrestling some stiff and awkward pile of plastic under the machine arm. I'm hoping I will be able to complete this in two more days.

Having darker centers with white surrounding them makes this look quite different than the other Pages pieces. It feels more abstract than the previous ones and I'm really liking it on the design wall. However, it does remind me that the next deliberation will be how they all will relate to one another for hanging. At this point, though, my focus is strictly on producing and completing them. Then if one seems out of place with the others, I will have enough others to choose from. At the rate everything is coming together, I may very well finish three new pieces.

Now that my new collection of reds has been dyed and processed, I'll take them to my studio tomorrow, design some letter patterns and start cutting them out for the new Parables piece. That is looking quite promising too -- I'm really enjoying this kind of last minute push towards the finish line. The work feels solid and I am managing to stay incredibly focused. I have to force myself to stop and go to sleep at night and I hop out of bed early each morning. I feel like all the work I've done for all these years is leading me to this culmination of time, work, thought, energy -- and that what appears in the actual exhibition will be far less significant than the growth and changes creating it has wrought inside me.

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