Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rollin' Along

Even though this latest Parables piece is still in the early stages -- so don't be looking at it as a completed composition yet! --varying the scale and shades of the red letter forms is working well and I'm excited about returning to work on this again tomorrow. A bit more silk screening to emphasize movement, more intentional selection and placement of the letter forms will flesh this one out. I'm feeling very optimistic about it. You'll see it again soon, hopefully ready to sandwich and stitch!

I spent today finishing the rest of the rows for this Pages piece. Time for a bit of a break from this now that it's pasted and ready to start stitching the joins. I ended up going for the 118" length so made eight rows and then laid all the components out together on the carpet to get a feel for the look of it. There's not a floor space in my house that's open enough to lay this down, so I angled it in the small third upstairs bedroom that I use for a library and design wall. Now I have to trust that my component idea will indeed work and that all the little pages will line up obediently when I go to stitch them all together. I did get time to do the horizontal stitching on one row -- so bright and early tomorrow before I head out for my studio I'll try and stitch a second component, join the two together and hope that all the little pages line up!
Of course one thing always has to go a bit awry when there's a deadline looming. I had a bit of a postcard snafu, had to dump the first shipment -- the image, when the cards arrived, had a glow-in-the-dark greenish tinge which was no one's fault, just a file that didn't upload properly, so we couldn't blame the printer. Happily, we handled the small setback very calmly, fiddled with the image until it did upload properly and reordered new postcards immediately. The second batch should be here tomorrow. There's still plenty of time to distribute and mail these out this week. If for any reason this shipment arrives and the postcard image is still not true to the work, I'm mailing them out anyway or nobody will even KNOW there's an exhibit opening!

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