Friday, February 15, 2008

We Interrupt This Winter Greyness For A Brief Glimpse

of sunshine!! I was driving to an appointment and pulled over impulsively to shoot the wonderful pattern of shadows on the falling down frame of this outbuilding. Imagine that, put me in a wonderful frame of mind, even if it didn't last all day. Partial sun is way better than none!
I did get back into my studio yesterday, unloaded and put away all of the materials I had packed for last Friday's class. I drew some new letter forms and contemplated variations for the next new pieces, cleaned off my tables, threw some cotton into soda ash and hung it to dry so I can go back, mix some dyes and get to work! Lovely day, very relaxing and so wonderful to be back in my studio and ready to work on new fabric. I've been working with adaptations based on ancient texts and calligraphic letter forms, so also did some sketches to create patterns for resists and positive shapes, but when I walked out at the end of the day to my car, I had to get my camera out and take this picture of the icy snow melting on the pavement. I suddenly saw that I could combine my interest in mapping and texture with language -- I can definitely see calligraphic language forms in some of these melting, irregular shapes.

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  1. I can see where Dorothy's class last summer took you.
    Have you ever looked at ?
    She does random marks that she incorporates into paintings. Reminds of your work
    Mary Ann
    from QSDS
    visit my website