Monday, May 19, 2008

What Next-ing

I have two more sleeves to sew onto two more pieces, labels to print out, and then I'll be ready to hang all the work tomorrow. The last two pieces are completely finished. Tonight the moon will be full -- and when the moon is waxing my energy grows with it to the point of hyperactivity. Then when it starts to wane I get much calmer and quieter, so couldn't have picked a better time to be gearing up and finishing all the last minute details for hanging tomorrow than having the moon in my corner revving up my engine!

Believe it or not, despite being dog-tired, I'm already starting to get excited about what I want to do next. Most of what is luring my imagination presently are images that relate to slowing down a bit and NOT focusing on goals and deadlines. I've been fantasizing about some long hikes along some of the area trails I've never visited...building a pile of light reading and creating an oasis right next to the lake to while away some summer afternoons...sketching quietly for no purpose at all other than to enjoy it. Studio days to just play and explore materials in new ways.
I'd like to investigate the area with an eye to discovering other artists here that I may not know and increase my appreciation for the creativity and talent in this region.

However, truth be told-- my mind's working as well on setting new currents in motion for the future and "what comes next" as an artist. I'll journal and do some writing as well -- my way of sorting and processing all the ideas that have been collecting inside me.

A four week break may be just the perfect amount of time to relax, enjoy this accomplishment and sort through all the possibilities for my next focus.

Down-time -- ah the lovely sound of those two words -- is the carrot that's currently dangling in front of me as I steadfastly finish all the odds and ends today that remain. I hope that when I'm done hanging the work tomorrow, I can step back, look at this body of work with appreciative eyes and keep my internal editor at bay for a while. Everyone needs a good inner editor to point out what needs improving, but also a great inner cheerleader as well -- and I hope mine brings out the really big pompoms for Wednesday night!

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  1. Hoping for lots and lots of pompoms for you, the bigger the better. You've worked hard and grown as an artist. Maybe a critic from Art in America will be lurking in a corner. Best wishes for your opening!