Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here a Sample There a Sample...

The small studies scattered on every surface around my studio are drying and the wheels are turning in my brain as I review the strengths and weaknesses of each. Looking at what worked is a good way to review them before I return to working on new Parables pieces.

The bottom of this piece is close to what I had envisioned for it but the pearlescent color of the silvery gray at the top is too strong and I didn't use a brush that gave me the ability to keep the lines more controlled and thin. However, these fissures and crackles in the surface are going to be a priority for the next number of pieces, so I will continue to work on tools and consistencies to refine them.

This was fun and freeing and I actually like the results, particularly the black paint which I applied using a Jackson Pollock style of controlled gesturing. Because the black paint was more liquid, it wicked and created interesting shapes on the cloth before drying. The thinner lines of more viscous silver over it offer a nice contrast -- and the small shapes of red painted onto the surface offer a dynamic pop of saturated color.

This is a piece where I experimented in a few select places with adding outlines in brown around parts of the silver. The Loew Cornell liner brushes I bought recently are working wonderfully for this. Then I added a few black lines with the applicator bottle.

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