Sunday, July 26, 2009

Puzzling Pinkosity

Steaming turned these three new printed pieces a vivid pink-rose-fuschia color instead of the terra cotta color I got on my sample. The intensity of the color surprised me; it seems to be everywhere on the surface and looked very subtle before steaming.

Afterwards, STRIDENT. While I can identify several possible culprits for this happening to an acid dye application, it does leave me with a color that does not seem to be able to be removed or overdyed. Overpainting it with dye didn't work well. Where I added gray, it toned the powerful pink down a little but looks a bit splotchy.

I even tried shibori resists and an immersion bath in Thiox color remover, but there must be a lot of fuschia dye in this premixed color, because it appeared to discharge to yellowish tan but then returned to fuschia once I washed it. Pink it is and pink it seems to be determined to stay! The moral of the story may just be to return to mixing from pure colors rather than being lured by how pretty a premixed one looks!

So here's where I am after my first week of working on new cloth for new ancient language pieces. Mind you, I do love some areas of each of these textural pieces.

It occurs to me that were I to cut each piece apart into sections, I could choose the best sections and combine them to create a collaged surface and then add the letterforms on it with acrylic paints.

I won't get back to my dye studio until at least Wednesday-- I have to shift to completing the stitching on a piece for Fiber Art Alliance and I'm having a small surgery on the veins in one leg tomorrow. These pieces will have time to sit quietly. When I see them again my eye will be fresh and this idea will have had time to simmer. I'm hoping to walk in the door, look at them and confidently known just what to do to resolve them.

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