Monday, July 6, 2009

Reaching Cruising "Attitude"

After being away from my work for so long, I decided to return to my studio today without any goals or agendas and just be open to any activity at all to get my motor running again. It seemed wise to let creative momentum begin to build gradually without putting any pressure on myself. Once there for a few minutes, I seemed to be more drawn to completing some pieces already in progress than embarking on new work.

This piece is one that I set aside a few months back. At that time I was unsure how to -- and whether to -- complete it. Today I felt strongly that I wanted to add a layer of gray-blue to the surface and strengthen the value and color contrasts on the piece. The Dy-Na-Flo paints work well for layering; they have the same concentration of pigment as thicker paints, but are thin and more liquid.

I'm still debating whether it's really working. One option might be to cut it down in size like I have in the image above so the major element is more dominant. I like the addition of the blue, but it's already such an active piece that I may have taken it too far. It reminds me of watery reflections.

I always am happy when I am painting, whether on cloth or canvas. I love the movement of painting, how I can vary the movements of the brush and change the marks.

As I worked and puttered with several different pieces, I suddenly realized how relaxed and unpressured I felt about whether any of them eventually work out or not. This active but totally relaxed attitude felt smooth and easy. May I stay in this pleasant "cruising attitude"!

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