Thursday, July 23, 2009

Layer-iscious Beginnings

First order of my studio day today was a warm up with this fabric. While I didn't anticipate the terra-cotta drying pink (next time I'll mix a dark shade of it), I think I can correct and improve this by overpainting with rust and olive green. That will be an interesting experiment. If that corrects the color on the piece, then I can paint the fissures and cracks and add the letterforms and see how well the composition is working.

I left this piece to dry at the end of the day and hope that it steams and washes out and will remain as close as possible to what it looks like now. I'll steam and wash as soon as I arrive tomorrow and decide what to layer on next.

I did some discharging on this piece as well, but am still not happy with the results yet. I'll work on it again tomorrow and decide what to layer over it to begin to flesh out the composition.

This is a sample from a few months ago. Looking at it, I'd really like to complete the piece above in a similar vein (only without so much on the surface! I seem to work the samples to death just to see what happens...and one idea always leads to another... and another!)

If anything exciting happens tomorrow, I'll share the results. I'm so thrilled to be working on these ideas again and hope to create a whole lot of compositions over the next several weeks.


  1. I just love all of these. Thank you for sharing your creative life with us.

  2. Hi Gerrie, now just cross your fingers that at least one of these makes it to a completed new piece!